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The CIMCON Solution:

Solvency II's strict reporting requirements, that necessitate the need for timely, quality data will significantly increase insurers use of spreadsheets and other End User Computing (EUC) applications. To manage these requirements and ensure compliance, insurers will need to implement robust spreadsheet management systems that quickly and easily identify a situation before it becomes serious. CIMCON Software provides a complete set of Spreadsheet Compliance Solutions. Our suite of products provide the traceability, audit-ability, fraud detection, security and accountability that insurers need under Solvency II for Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and other End User Computing (EUC) applications.

Discovery & Risk Assessment Software
  • Perform an automated inventory of all spreadsheets, databases and other EUC files across the organization.
Spreadsheet Auditing and Analysis
  • Perform a highly visual, color-coded logic inspection of the spreadsheet. Accelerate supervisory review using spreadsheet compare tools, formula analysis and macro analysis.
Spreadsheet Controls and Supervisory Review
  • Spreadsheet governance and controls with traceability, accountability and security.
Compliance Solution for Access® Databases
  • Compliance solution for Access® databases similar to SOX-XL


The CIMCON tools have proved invaluable as we work through our "Finance Transformation" project and re-engineer processes around our spreadsheets. By mapping data lineages and spreadsheet links in our financial processes, the tools have identified a large number of redundant spreadsheets for significant savings in time, labor, cost and infra-structure required to manage the EUCs.

CFO, UK Insurance division of a $100 billion Global Bank

We have had tremendous success with CIMCON's XLRisk Software. Unlike other vendors' products that we tested, XLRisk provided us with an enormous amount of valuable data right out of the box, within a few days.

Christian Delmotte, Project Manager, EUC Controls Project for $58 billion Major French Bank.

We selected CIMCON's software to not only support our audit and SOX-compliance activities, but to provide an additional resource for aiding our business partners. The software can be used by my team with minimal training and provides a significant amount of functionality to address many of the risks associated with complex spreadsheet files.

Vice President (Internal Audit), $16 billion Top U.S. Retailer

CIMCON's SOX-XL provides us with more control and visibility into our high risk spreadsheets at multiple departmental
levels than we have ever had before.

CIO, Global U.S. based Investment Management Firm

CIMCON's SOX-XL enterprise software has been successfully implemented in our company since 2008. We chose CIMCON after other similar tools did not meet business requirements. Initial Configuration is very simple and straightforward.

Mark Sugden, EUC Manager for 40 billion European Energy Trading Company

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