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Concerned about Solvency 2 and Spreadsheet Risk? CIMCON has you covered!
The Solvency II Framework

Pillar 1


Demostrate adequate financial resources including own funds technical provisions and Solvency II capital requirements,

Pillar 2


Demonstrate adequate
Governance, Risk Management
and Supervisory Review

Pillar 3


Focuses on Public Disclosure,
Transparency and Regulatory
Reporting Requirements

The CIMCON Solution:

Solvency II's strict reporting requirements, that necessitate the need for timely, quality data will significantly increase insurers use of spreadsheets and other End User Computing (EUC) applications. To manage these requirements and ensure compliance, insurers will need to implement robust spreadsheet management systems that quickly and easily identify a situation before it becomes serious. CIMCON Software provides a complete set of Spreadsheet Compliance Solutions. Our suite of products provide the traceability, audit-ability, fraud detection, security and accountability that insurers need under Solvency II for Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and other End User Computing (EUC) applications.


Discovery & Risk Assessment Software

  • Perform an automated inventory of all spreadsheets, databases and other EUC files across the organization.
  • Perform a Risk Assessment of each EUC based on configurable risk criteria. Determines the status of each EUC (compliant/non-compliant) and identified high risk EUCs.

Spreadsheet Auditing and Analysis

  • Perform a highly visual, color-coded logic inspection of the spreadsheet. Accelerate supervisory review using spreadsheet compare tools, formula analysis and macro analysis.
  • Complete spreadsheet documentation and reporting.

Spreadsheet Controls and Supervisory Review

  • Spreadsheet governance and controls with traceability, accountability and security.
  • Traceability with workbook, worksheet and cell level audit trails.
  • Accountability with user-configurable supervisory review and workflow processes. Accelerate supervisory review with file compare and management reporting tools.
  • Security at the workbook, worksheet and cell levels.
  • Zero client solution with no end-user impact on the desktop or to existing spreadsheet processes.
  • Management reporting based on exceptions, dashboards and alerts.

Compliance Solution for Access® Databases

  • Compliance solution for Access® databases similar to SOX-XL.
Spreadsheet Management and Controls for Solvency II
Date: Thursday, October 16th
Time: 3 pm BST 10 am EST

Comply with Solvency II requirements using automated tools for data lineage and controls.

SOX and Internal Controls Update Conference SOX and Internal Controls Update Conference

October 23 and 24, 2014
Orlando Marriott World Center, Orlando, Florida.

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